Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just a brief one...

This is just a short post to let any of you know who still bother checking my blog, that I am still alive and well, and immensely busy.

Wednesday is my dissertation day of the week, so I'm just taking an interim break from it as my thoughts are getting a wee bit muddled. One thing I have never been good at is being concise, and at the moment my dissertation is heading towards being a thesis, so I need to limit myself on what I'm researching, but it's so interesting that I want to learn about everything!!

I am going to try and update this later on today to let you know about my antics over the last few weeks, but I can only do so if I get enough dissertation work done before planning kids cell this evening and going to bed - might not sound like a lot to complete in a whole day, but believe me, it's plenty!!

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curlyjo said...

Hey honey! Great to see you blogging, sounds like your making good progress with your dissertation. Sorry not been able to ring yet this week, we'll talk real soon!