Friday, February 16, 2007

it's official!!!

One of the challenges I will face this year is now officially in place - I'm going to run the Bristol half marathon!! Having been running for ages now, I need to push my boundaries more. I thought it'd be cool to actually achieve something with it and Ros my running partner shared this sentiment, so we've both signed up to do the Bristol half marathon in September of this year. I am very excited!!

Another thing I am incredibly excited about is that on Sunday 11th March, I am going to see Faithless!!!! I have wanted to see them live for a very very long time, so was immensely excited when I found out that they were playing in Cardiff - only 20 mins away from Bristol. My excitement was short lived though, when I rang to book, only to find I couldn't buy 2 tickets. Then yesterday, my good friend maeve e-mailed me to say that she'd received an exclusive e-mail from a ticket provider to say that Faithless have added an extra date to their tour, and the best bit of all is that they're coming to Bristol!!!!!!!!! So at 9am this morning as soon as the tickets came on sale I bought mine.

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