Saturday, May 05, 2007

a brief interlude

I have spent most of today so far working away in the medics library, which is a wonderful place to work.

However, for the last hour, my focused mindset has been repeatedly intruded on by the sound of church bells. When they first rang, I thought, 'Oh how lovely! someone's got married!' but when they carried on and on and on, I became aware of my cortisol levels elevating and the incessant ditty, 'pop goes the weasel' going round and round my head, because that is what the tune the bells were ringing at that point in time resembled the most.

Down in the basement of the library (where I am now), I am free from the joyful torment of the bells, but I must return to my reading about partnerships, collaboration, co-ordination, interprofessionalism, and about a hundred other terms which mean pretty much the same thing, and that is what every author who writes about them confirms for me, who, as a layperson is able to work that out all by myself...

I have been intending on writing a new entry for ages now, but I have had to prioritise my time, and a whole lot of other things have come before my blog. I will endeavour to write another entry by the end of this weekend.

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