Friday, May 25, 2007


Yesterday saw my last ever Early Childhood Studies exam. I have officially finished my degree and am a 'graduand'. I am also oh so very tired. It hasn't really sunk in that I have actually finished - that all the bulging lever arch files around my room are no longer going to get any fatter. I really hope that the books and folders do not become a redundant part of my life - that I actually end up using some of the amazing things I've learnt. Only time will tell I guess.

I am going to be moving house in about 5 weeks time to a lovely three bed, four bathroomed house, with a beautiful kitchen that I am very excited about cooking up some culinary delights in. So the move is going to mean some clearing out. I haven't really accumulated a lot of junk since being at uni, but there are some things lurking on shelves and in drawers that could be got rid of. So the culling has begun. There is something very satisfying about getting rid of unneccessary things, making way for a new start - I thoroughly enjoy sorting and cleaning. On that note, I need to go and check how the fridge is doing. It's finally defrosting day, and there is a huge ice overhang, which some borrowers would have amazing adventures climbing - if they actually existed. But it's time for the overhang to go to make room for another term's worth of ice to build up, due to the lack of a door on the mini freezer section at the top if the fridge. Gosh, what a boring piece of information - sorry if I have left you feeling a little bit bored after that!

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