Thursday, November 08, 2007

precious moments

Yesterday after childminding I went to visit the family who I used to work for, as I haven't seen them since July. It was so lovely to be greeted by an excited squealing Madeleine even before they had opened the front door to me. It was bath time when I arrived so Celine and I sat by the bath chatting while Madeleine splashed away and got re-accustomed to me, as there was the initial confusion of knowing who I was but being slightly unsure of why I had disappeared and then suddenly turned up again. It didn't take her long to remember and when she did, she threw herself on me and gave me a hug in a way that only children can and told me that she missed me. Precious. After that she went a little bit hyper and bounced around the house on her little pink space hopper and showed me all her new exciting things, like her big girls' bed. When it was time for her to go to bed she threw herself on me once again, this time with a bit more force, knocking me over and not letting me get up. I feel so privileged to have had 2 wonderful years looking after Madeleine, and that there is still that familiarity there. I treasure moments like these.

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