Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today has been another lovely sunny day, and as it definitely feels this Autumn is drawing to a close and winter is on it's way, I wanted to get outside and appreciate the carpets of leaves and sunshine through the trees before they go again until next year. So, I hopped on my bike and went to Eastville Park, which is lovely - not anywhere near as exciting and beautiful as Abbots Pool where I went for one of the best Autumn walks ever last Sunday, but good all the same - there were swans on the lake which was quite cool.

I snapped away with my camera - If the photos are any good I'll post some but that'll have to wait until they're developed - the joys of film SLR's. Then I sat amongst the swirling leaves and started reading my new book club book, which I will post about once I've got stuck into it. Right, I'm off to have dinner with some lovely friends.

(Photo taken at Westonbirt Arboretum Autumn 2004)


Cindy said...

Found your blog through the NaBloPoMo Randomiser. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Good luck with your next marathon and have fun with your new cookbooks.

Daphne said...

I found you through NaBloPoMo randomiser as well, and you've been tagged. Follow me and you'll see.

PS - I can honestly say I enjoy reading your blog. It's very refreshing.