Friday, November 30, 2007

Unforeseen blogging break over

Well, that was a bit of an unforeseen blogging break...Having been deprived of blogging during my week of training, I came home to have the power supply for my laptop met an unanticipated demise. I was fully expecting my laptop to die completely, as it is barely held together - it's a wonder it actually works. But no, it is not dead, just the power supply which I bought just under a year ago. I was oh so glad when I remembered the whole legislation on faulty products which tends to mean that even if you don't have a receipt you can return them and get a free replacement, which I did yesterday. The kind lady checked inside the box to see if everything that was meant to be there, was there, and it was, with what I thought was an added extra. When I bought my last power supply, there was no plug, and it was not your average fixing (don't know the proper lingo - sorry). It turned out that I needed a kettle lead, which needless to say, is rather short, meaning that I always had to be within a metre of the socket I was plugged in to. So it was to my initial delight, then slight indignance when I discovered that my new power supply had all the parts - some little monkey had obviously stolen the last one that I was entitled to. But because I didn't realise at the time (idiot for not reading the box and 'contents'), I suffered more stress than was necessary. Ah well. That is far too many words about a power supply.

There is a lot to write about but I am already behind schedule for all the things I have planned to do for today, so I must leave it there and go to market to buy some cheap fruit. Love it.

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