Tuesday, December 04, 2007

getting a little bit tired

Living in a city with no car and no money means that I have to cycle everywhere (unless I decided that spending 45 - 60 mins walking everywhere I need to go was a better option). As my friends here know, cycling is not my favourite activity. I know that I complain about it a little too much, and that this is is something I need to deal with my attitude about. So I try and constantly remind myself of all the benefits to the environment, my health and my pocket as I'm struggling up yet. another. hill.

Yesterday was one of my 'I'm-feeling-negative-about-cycling' days, as I had to battle uphill for 2.5 miles against the wind, first thing in the morning, all too aware of the fact that I was going to have to cycle the same route again that afternoon to get to childminding, then cycle a bit further to youth group in the evening.

So, you'd think that if I dislike cycling this much, I'd gladly accept the offer of my lovely housemate (who drives and also helps out with the youth) to drive me home from youth group then come back and pick my bike up today. But no. There is something in me that feels I owe it to myself to cycle home - because 90% of the time, the routes that take me home are downhill the whole way, and who wouldn't enjoy whizzing down a hill at 30+ miles an hour (guesstimate but it sure does feel fast)?! Sometimes I find my mentality baffling.

Yesterday I picked the children up from after school club, which means seeing a different bunch of children from their classmates. I found myself in the quite bizarre situation of seeing various children that I recognised from completely different settings, all in one room at after school club. There was a girl who'd come to church on Sunday with one of the regular girls, another child who's come to a kids church social event, a boy who was in one of the nurseries I worked at over the summer, and a few other children who look remarkably similar to ones I have met somewhere before. I suppose it isn't that odd really, but I find the fact that I know who they are but the probably don't remember me, or realize that I've looked after lots of their friends before, a little odd. But then my life has always been like that with people - as my brother could account for, I have some abnormal memory for remembering people who were some distant relation of someone we knew of at school - I remember people who have had no significance in my life before, but somehow I know something about them. There's a little fact about me.

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I certainly will account for it!
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