Monday, February 04, 2008

my head hurts

During this FP year, I have learned a huge amount about how I work that I did not know before - it's incredible what you learn about oneself when you put yourself into situations that are totally different to the ones you've grown comfortable with. Some of those things are surprising and exciting, others are just a bit hard to acknowledge.

One thing I am very sure of is that I am definitely not made to be an administrator. I work with two people who are clearly gifted in this area, and I just do not think like they do and cannot do things with the efficiency which they do. Spreadsheets give me a headache - quite literally - in the same way that maps do. On Saturday night I was trying to work out a route to run on Sunday morning, and I felt physically sick, almost like motion sickness.

I am thoroughly intrigued as to what goes on in my brain to cause such a reaction, and when I have some spare time I might just try and do some research on it.

Things are going to be picking up quite a lot of speed here over the next few months, which is a slightly daunting prospect. I can't go into details now, but I am sure I will share with you how things are going as and when they happen. Sorry, that is rather cryptic, and I can't say any more right now, because I don't know how a lot of things are going to pan out, but time will tell...

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