Sunday, March 02, 2008

balloons part 2

The balloons pictured below have been sitting high up in the tree tops near where I live for over a week now and seem to be faring well. I like them, I'm sorry this photo does not do them justice.

Here is some grafitti that is also near my house, which makes me chuckle - it is very accurately Bristolian.

(That's the camel speaking!)

And here's what my fingers looked like after my 10 mile run this morning. I'm getting slightly concerned about this - when I get back from a long run, I lose the feeling in my fingertips for a while. Normally it's my two middle fingers, but today it was the top twp joints of all eight of my fingers. It feels very bizarre, washing my hair with no feeling in my fingers.

Today has been spent at church. I was leading the kids work this morning. I really do love them, even though they just wouldn't stop talking today. It's nice that they want to tell me all their thoughts and all about their worlds, and the things they're learning about. They're a great bunch who are all growing up too fast.

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