Friday, June 20, 2008

my liquid diet (imposed by circumstance, not choice)

Smoothies consumed so far:

1.5 pints of vanilla snow. contains: 1 vanilla pod
2 tbsp caster sugar
generous slosh of milk (to replace apple juice when you don't have a juicer or apple juice)
300ml natural yoghurt

To be honest, this is pretty much like drinking runny, frothy yoghurt, which I quite like!

1 pint of banana, mango and yoghurt smoothie. contains - exactly what the list says.
When I came to make my first smoothie I realised my error in thinking late night shopping in tesco's was a good plan. I forgot a good number of ingredients, and substituted raspberries for strawberries, because the latter were cheaper. Only problem is, I don't have any nice strawberry smoothie recipes and the raspberry recipes I was going to use wouldn't really work with strawberries. This calls for some creativity...

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