Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i love to cook

Today has been a great day. The lovely family I childmind for decided that it would be good to give me some extra work and so suggested I cook for them. Well, I didn't have to think twice about that one. So this morning I came up with a meal plan, and in the process of looking at recipes, found one that was perfect for my own dinner. So as I cooked up some carrot and creme fraiche soup for my luncheon I whipped up some potato, leek, and cheese cakes for tea time. They might not sound particularly exciting but they were surprisingly tasty. While I was on a roll, I made some apple crumble, then cycled off to the house I childmind at and cooked up a big old lasagne.

As Grace and I walked home from school we made plans to bake some dough balls with garlic butter for an after school snack later this week. Ah the joys of cooking and eating...

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