Saturday, October 04, 2008

quote of the day

This was meant to be written and posted on Thursday but I have been such a busy little bee, there has been no time for blogging. So I am taking a break from my day's baking to write.

[Baked so far today: 1 lemon pound cake, 2 batches of brownies, maple & pecan cupcakes, ginger cake & carrot cake...]

On Wednesday, I had the privilege of working at a nursery for the morning. It was refreshing to work with some lovely friendly nursery nurses - often as a temp you just get ignored. And the children, well, let me tell you about a few of them who captured my heart...

I spent half an hour or so in the home corner with my group, and the first place that Ben went to was the cradle with the babies. He chose one and put a nappy on it (with some assistance), and generally took very good care of the little one while he made some phone calls and multi-tasked like a true toddler should. Then Finn, the blonde haired blue eyed beautiful boy with a cute little lisp, started throwing around one of the babies and beating it over the head with a hammer. Not so cool. After telling Finn that babies needed to be loved and cared for, I then turned to Ben, still cradling the baby and said, 'you could definitely teach Finn a thing or two about looking after babies. Have you got a little brother or sister at home?' To which he responded with slight anxiety, 'It's a secret!' I'm thinking his mummy's pregnant but not many people know about it yet, so he's been sworn to secrecy. Having twigged this, I said, 'is there a baby in your mummy's tummy?' Again he said, but with even greater anxiety, 'it's a secret!'
I thought it best to leave the conversation there before I made the poor child feel incredibly guilty for sharing a secret, which he hadn't actually been responsible for divulging.

Ben then went on to pretend to be a dinosaur. One of the things I love about the way children play is that it's as though it is all real. So the children reacted as though he really was a dinosaur. His roar started getting pretty loud and started to scare the girls, who started saying, 'I don't like dinosaurs!!!' Then Finn, the little legend, donned in a pair of oven gloves, without even feeling the need to turn around and confront the dinosaur face on, says, 'ssshhh! I'm doing the cooking, don't you know?!'

I was thoroughly impressed at his lack of fear. A little later on, Finn asked if he could sing a song to everyone. He got up and sang,

'I'm not scared of dinosaurs, I'm not scared of dinosaurs, la, la, la, (can't remember more words) this is my jungle.'

And there we have it, the essence of Finn's lack of fear of dinosaurs - he's the king of the jungle.

For lunch, the children had chicken tikka. Lara was coming up with metaphors for things that rice is like, none of which I could quite understand. Then Millie pipes up and says, 'Rice is not like octopus tongue.'
Que?!!! This definitely isn't the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about what rice is not like. I said, 'Octopus tongue? Where have you had octopus tongue?'
Millie then looked at me with that expression that I see frequently in children that says, 'gosh, don't these grown ups know anything?!' and very matter-of-fact-ly said, 'At my Dad's.' Ah of course. I should have known all along.

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