Thursday, January 01, 2009

New year's eve & New Year's day

Ah, the 80's. You gotta love 80's fashion. Feeling that we had not got enough of the wonderful styles of the 80's, my housemate decided that her birthday & new year's eve party should be 80's fancy dress. It was brilliant. There were boom boxes, bling, and boogie-ing aplenty. We welcomed in the new year on the roof of our friends' apartment block. (They live on the top floor and have sky-light access to the roof. It was wonderful, having a 360 degree view of our city, watching fireworks going off here, there and everywhere.
New Year's day has been wonderful. I went for a lovely, lovely walk with 10 friends in Ashton Court Estate. I loved the fact that it was so cold my cheeks felt tight and rosy, but I was as warm as toast with my Peter Storm coat that is like wearing a duvet, and my Timberland boots that make my feet feel like they're being hugged. Having had a good healthy dose of fresh air, we headed to a pub for refreshments. I have to say that The Dovecote is one of the nicest pubs I have ever been to. There's nothing quite like sitting by a fire, drinking hot mulled cider and laughing with friends until your face aches.

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