Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a little story

Today, one of my girls at school (ok, I probably shouldn't refer to her as mine but there's that level of affection there that makes it feel right to put it that way) was sitting at the Graphics table with an empty paper book in front of her, fresh for writing her own story. For a four year old, she's a brilliant writer, but today she was in need of a bit of help. So, she told the story, I wrote and she illustrated.
The story went like this...

'Once upon a time there was a king and a queen in a castle.
Their castle was on a hill where it was quite windy and quite rainy.
The queen just sat there and looked at the king where he was dancing with another friend.
The friend went away and the king sat down on his chair.
The glass broke because the queen said she didn't have any more glasses to drink with.
The end.
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summer said...

4-year-old brilliance.
this story made me smile!

ps. i would LOVE to get your banana loaf recipe- yes, please! my email address is on my sidebar if you'd like to email it. thanks, hannah!