Sunday, March 01, 2009

the sky is glowing

Glowing. For the last fourty minutes the sky has been glowing. It is a beautiful sight to behold. The drawn out length of dusk this evening is another sign that Spring is on its way. I feel like I have felt the lack of light more than normal this Winter. The sun came out in all its brilliance today and so I went outside and just stood awhile, staring up at it with eyes closed, soaking in its wonderful warmth.


summer said...

hello hannah!
i just read your sweet comment.
thank you for writing to me!
i know what you mean, it is kind of strange to become connected to people in this way, but it is so much fun to make blogland buddies!(and to find other christian bloggers!)
i am fascinated with the fact that you live in England.. how wonderful & far away that sounds!
i was able to get redeeming love from my church library this morning & am so excited to start it! you finished it in 2 days?! my goodness! we'll see how long it takes me!

barnesy said...

i like sun.

how do you get the pictures at the side of your page?