Tuesday, April 07, 2009

a roundup of my day

So today saw the dawning of another baking afternoon with friends. The vision? I teach a few guys how to bake. Then we package up the goods & deliver them to unsuspecting friends. Beautiful. Well, in theory, anyway...Here's just some of the treats...

Banana & walnut loaf

The legendary Polish Cake. loved by all who meet it & eat it.

all labeled up & ready to go.

The reality was that the baking went brilliantly. We were very speedy bakers, in fact. However, I have had two young boys in my care this week and they decided that they didn't want to do any baking. Fine. By the time it came to delivering the cakes, they were ready to go to bed, and figured that my idea to go and bless people with cakes was the most ridiculous thing they'd ever heard, and why on earth would we want to do that. So, somehow, I got these two reluctant fella's out of the door and into the car. Then we experienced the delights of my navigational skills. Oh joy. (In my favour, or perhaps not, we were trying to find houses based on my conviction of where people lived, but not being entirely certain, and being navigated at points by a 10 year old to the house of a friend from his choir - he didn't know the road name or the house number but was convinced he knew where we needed to go.) We had a basket full of goodies to deliver, and were getting nowhere very fast. With ten minutes, one of the boys had fallen asleep and the other was making enough trouble for the both of them.

Sadly, we ended up resigning ourselves to the fact that there were a lot of people who were not going to have their cake and eat it this evening. It just was not worth escalating the bad moods any further. Oh how different things are when there are children in the equation. It wasn't quite the day I had planned, but I guess that's how it often turns out. And we just have to roll with it.

On a more upbeat note, in less than 48 hours time, I will be in Madrid with two of my brilliant siblings. Bring on the fun & the sun.


snailsnail said...

ah, sun... hmmm... may not be able to help you with that

snailsnail said...

It's been touch and go, today is beautiful, for example... we'll see what we can do!