Friday, September 25, 2009

Small snapshots

I love my digital SLR but there are times when I just don't have it about my person and I want to take a photo. In these times, my camera phone suffices. Here's a few snapshots from the last few weeks.

The children I look after are fortunate enough to have lots of horse chestnut trees outside their house, which means a whole lot of fun for them at this time of year when the conkers start falling from the trees. This week I have seen the conkers falling right out of the tree, their heavy weight pulling down the branches of the trees until they cannot stay on any longer and fall to the ground. Thankfully I've managed to escape getting hit by any. Over two conker collecting sessions the children picked up 806 conkers all lovely and shiny and new.

While I was waiting for John the other day my eye was caught by the sweet dispensers. There's something very aesthetically pleasing about the big round glass balls filled with colourful sweets.

I felt like I needed to capture the fresh spinach before it wilted to a mere shadow of its former glory once doused in boiling water. I love spinach. I always used to think it must be seriously gross because all I knew of spinach was what popeye had taught me about it. That it came in a can and was all green and slimey. Not so, my friends, not so.

And finally, the tractor. This was an unusal sight to behold - a tractor driving across the Downs in Bristol. It's a little bit out of the norm and I like that.
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Mrs notgrumpy said...

I just love conkers at the shiny stage - lovely photos

Mary King said...

have you ever even seen spinach in a can? I don't think I have...we should hunt it down though and see if it's as disgusting as I imagine!