Friday, October 02, 2009

Cancer Research Run 10k

The day for my 10k run in aid of Cancer Research was here. Having dreamed the recurring dream that I had massively overslept and missed the race, I was grateful when I woke up to see I was right on time. The Autumn weather was fickle, first thing in the morning. A light fog surrounded Bristol, along with a chill in the air that told me that Autumn is most definitely here.

I filled up my tummy on trusty weetabix, banana and sultanas, having carbo loaded (at Pizza Express) the night before. I was ready to run. My wonderful boyfriend graciously picked me up, having run around various shops en route, trying to find me some safety pins so that I could pin on my race number. I knew I'd had some in my sewing tin, but I'd forgotten that I'd ended up using them to make badges for the kids at church. Considering this was first thing on a Sunday morning, I'm very impressed that John managed to find anywhere that was open & sold safety pins. Not your everyday buy.

At 9.30am we made our way to the beautiful Ashton Court Estate to be greeted with the sight of 1000 runners, dressed in blue, all helping to raise money for Cancer Research. It was such a lovely atmosphere, people running for loved ones who have suffered from cancer. There was no sense of competition at this run, just a mutual understanding that we are stronger together than we are apart, and that we want to help the ones we love and will go to great lengths to do so.
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summer said...

oh hannah, how sweet of you to check back with my little spot! am so glad you did. and thanks for those amazing recipe ideas. you are brilliant.

ps. congrats on this meaningful adventure. how cool are you.