Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bake me a cake

A few months ago, a wonderful friend who likes to think of herself as my marketing agent, got me some cake business. My very first cake business.

A colleague needed a 70th birthday cake which not only looked good but tasted good too. My very wonderful friend mentioned to this lady that she just so happened to know someone who baked fabulous cakes that met her criteria of looking good and tasting amazing. (I feel I can say these things about my cakes because I am simply quoting someone else, not blowing my own trumpet.) I was delighted to hear about this possibility of being paid to bake. How brilliant!

So, I set about e-mailing back and forth with the lady-in-search-of-a-yummy-chocolate-cake, and baked her a couple of samples. To my delight, she was delighted by the cakes. What fun I had making up little name labels for my cakes.

Yesterday, the baking began. After some good old maths caluclations to work out surface areas of my tins and quantities of ingredients, I set about filling two big mixing bowls with huge quantities of chocolatey goodness. This was greatly intriguing to my articulate 2 year old housemate, who asked me with a puzzled look on her face why I had so many eggs and why did I have so much chocolate?

I was greatly relieved when I took the cakes out of the oven and they had baked beautifully - albeit a bit large - but I see that as a very good problem to have.

My challenge today: Crafting a figure 70 out of my humungous chocolate rectangle & circles. Here we go...

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John said...

Remember, this isn't like hairdressing: The more you style and cut, the more a certain person gets to eat!