Wednesday, April 28, 2010

this is me.

Some days at nursery I find my attention is particulary taken by a certain child.

Today, this child was a wonderful girl who we have seen grow amazingly in her confidence since she started Nursery in September.

She decided to draw a picture of me. Secretly I hoped that she might decide to give me her artwork, and to my delight, she did just that.

Having described how she had drawn me with a little tummy and crazy sticky-outy hair, she handed me my portrait and said,

'I want you to have it.'

Later on in the morning, I asked her to draw a picture of a person for me as a task that we get all of the children to do each term.

This was her little monologue:

'Haha! It looks rather like a stretchy man! Hair sticking up!.......Your necklace...your t-shirt.
A bit for your bottom - your pants, that is.'

I love that her drawing started off as a man then became me, and that she was considerate enough to clarify that I was going to wear pants in her picture.

On another note of children's brilliance, one of our boys decided he wanted to write a story. He only had time to come up with the beginning, but oh what a perfect beginning it is:

'It was a sunny day. No clouds. No rain. Just sunny.'

The imagination of a four year old is a force to be reckoned with and definitely never underestimated.

I'm thoroughly looking forward to hearing the next installment of his story tomorrow.
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Bluebelle said...

Oh I love it. I'm childminding at the moment and I know when I stop next year I am going to miss it so much, kids are hilarious. :)