Thursday, May 06, 2010

and so the nesting begins

Nesting is something I used to associate with expectant mothers, and, while I can't say that I can relate to them as I have never been an expectant mother, I could comprehend why mothers about to bring a babe into the world might feel the need to nest.

All of those years ago, long before a marriage was in my picture, I never thought I'd have the desire to nest before children are about to come onto the scene.

Well, I can tell you that I am well and truly feeling the need to nest at the moment. To make home, to transform a living space into a home. Somewhere that you love to go at the end of the day and relax&unwind in a lovely place.

As I don't have that space just yet, I am making do with dreaming and a little bit of sewing.

Exhibit 1: A small collection of tea towels.

Perhaps the most simple sewing project one could ask for, but it brought me an incredible amount of satisfaction to stitch these three together, knowing that the first time I use them will be when I am living with my very own husband.

And that is very exciting.
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