Sunday, June 13, 2010

little authors

Here is another of the brilliant stories that the children at Nursery have written this term....

On a sunny day, Isobel and Speedy were walking in the woods. Isobel found a flower and took the pollen, and Speedy was climbing up the trees and cutting them down because he really liked cutting them down. They fell really quietly.

Speedy and Isobel made a home with the trees and a model of an elephant. A fairy camed and magicked it into a real elephant.

The fairy, the ant and the butterly all rided on the elephant. Speedy had to rest on the elephant.

The elephant took them to South Africa and they went to the beach and had a chocolate ice cream.

Then Speedy speeded away to the chocolate shop and sat down cos he needed to rest. He really liked resting.

Elephant, fairy and Isobel ran away to the woods again. Speedy thought they went to Australia so he went to Australia and he looked around but he couldn't find them. So he went back to South Africa.
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