Monday, June 28, 2010

strawberry gravy

With all of this glorious weather, it seems that the most fitting thing to drink is smoothies.

Last week, Grace & I had great fun whipping up a strawberry smoothie from a smoothie&juices recipe book that I had picked up earlier that day for 50p from a charity shop.

Grace decided that the only name fitting for our smoothie was Strawberry Gravy.

And here it is...

Strawberry Gravy 
makes 4 tall glasses

300ml strawberry & natural yoghurt - feel free to mix & match as you so wish
200ml orange juice
300g strawberries - fresh or frozen
2 bananas

How to...
::  Pop the yoghurt & oj into a blender and give it a little whirl to combine
:: Chop up the bananas and strawberries into small chunks & blitz them up in a blender with a little slosh of oj
:: Mix them all together & let them have a blitzing party. When you feel they've mixed&mingled with one another enough, pour into glasses & chill, or drink immediately if you so wish.

And there you have it. A perfect little thirst quenching tummy filler.

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