Monday, August 02, 2010

clevedon & creating

Sometimes, a trip to the seaside is necessary. This weekend was one of those times. John had suggested last week that we should get away from our wedding planning heads and go to the beach where our heads could be filled & refreshed with the sea air. He didn't put it quite like that, but that's how I like to think of it. I loved the unplanned-ness of this trip - the only essentials I put in my bag were my camera, a bottle of water and a cereal bar. (I have a tendency to get incredibly hungry at inconvenient times & cereal bars are best friends with the hunger in my belly, so I try to make them a constant companion.)

I have to confess, Clevedon is not the most beautiful of beaches or most exciting of places to visit, but for us on a day when all we needed was rest, it was perfect. We headed straight for a pub to find some lunch. After filling our bellies, we read the paper & watched the Grand Prix practise which brought back memories of sitting in the living room with my Dad, dozing to the sound of the cars going around and around the track. I unashamedly slipped off my flip flops, drew up my legs onto the comfy cosy sofa and dozed awhile. I am pretty syre the barmaid must have thought it a bit odd for me to choose to take a nap in her pub, but I did not care. I was content to dream away in my dozy state.

I loved that for the whole day, I had no sense of time. I never knew what hour of the day it was, and it was so wonderful that I had no need to know. We lay on the pebble beach and I drank in the beauty of the sky. The clouds were stunning - so fluffy that I really did want to eat them - and they kept on changing to ever-more beautiful states. 

We drove home with windswept hair, full bellies & rested souls then spent the evening painting & sewing. What a wonderful day. 

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