Wednesday, September 15, 2010

halfway between the clouds and the caribbean

Marrying an engineer has brought a new dimension to my life. It means that I learn about how & why things work in a way that I never did when I lived by myself, particularly things that fly. 

Not only this, it means that when there is an option to do something like, say, go flying in a helicopter, the decision to do this is not decided on the financial basis of whether or not it feels like we are buying the helicopter rather than paying for one flight.  It is decided by John's love for all things that fly & the delightful boy-ish excitement he gets at the idea of flying in a chopper.

Having audibly gasped when John told me how much this flight would cost us, John went and had a shower. He came back to me, fresh from his shower and said,

'Ive been thinking about this helicopter flight....and I definitely think it's a great idea' (announced with a huge beaming smile on his face at the prospect)

Don't you love the way showers provide the space for great thinking time? 

So up in the air we went, and I have to admit that it was pretty breathtaking & provided an amazing perspective of the island that you just don't appreciate from ground level.

Our pilot told us that his Mum & sister were visiting from Venezuela and said, 'let me just say hi'. He efficiently swooped the helicopter within arms length of the rooftops and circled until his Mum, who was in the sea, spotted her son, and waved. How fun is that? To be able to look up into the sky at the roar of helicopter blads chopping the air and say, 'oh look, there's my son!'

The half-hour flight was not long enough to fully take in all that there was to see. I could quite happily have spent the day flying around between the clouds and the caribbean.

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Ben said...

This made me laugh for a good amount of time :)