Monday, October 18, 2010

26 years young

This is me as a baby, in the first year of my life

Today is my birthday! This year I am celebrating simply. with just my husband in our home, eating some yummy food & birthday brownie, celebrating another year of my life. it's funny to think that I am now closer to 30 than 20. i am thankful for this life I have been given by God & I am looking forward to the adventures that this next year of my life might hold.

Tomorrow we are going to see the kodo drummers perform at the Colston Hall as a birthday treat (which was a surprise that I completely spoiled...) which I am sure will have me on the edge of my seat, wishing I could drum like a pro.

Wishing you a very happy day!


Pterelaos said...

Happy Birthday. The Kodo drummers look amazing.
I have decided to spread out the joy of receiving presents by not sending you anything on your birthday. Well that or all my present ideas have all been a bit too complicated and I haven't managed to finish making any of them...
I'll send you something soon but my planned presents may have to wait a while.

Pterelaos said...

btw Pterelaos is me, Ben.