Monday, October 25, 2010

sunset over the village

As many of you will know, I love to take photos. My Canon EOS 450D serves me as a very faithful companion, and I love the freedom it brings to photography in that I don't have to limit the number of photos I take anymore because of the cost involved in printing. While my love for this camera has not grown cold, I have had a hankering for a little compact camera that I can take everywhere with me. There are so many occasions when I think, 'I wish I had my camera with me.' So, although the quality from a compact is not as good as with my DSLR, it means less photo opportunities would be missed if I owned one.

Well, I can now say that I am the proud owner of a lovely little compact camera! It's the Canon powershot sx210. My lovely husband very generously gave me this as my birthday present. So, when John and I went for a run on Wednesday evening, baby Canon came along with us and allowed me to capture the sunset over Westbury on Trym.

Sadly, baby Canon is having some teething problems and the screen is a little bit busted after less than a week, so she's got to go back to her first home to be sorted out. Thankfully, because the fault was not an 'act of God' all should be easily resolved. (This is the actual phrase used in the terms & conditions of the warranty, believe it or not.)


Ben said...

It's an old school law thing, the phrase crops up more than you may imagine in these sorts of things :)

Pterelaos said...

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