Monday, November 22, 2010

apple sauce

For the last couple of weeks, our fruit bowl has been full to the hilt with a lovely bunch of cooking apples that needed using. Alonside this, I have had the desire to bake. It'd be accurate to say that this is a pretty much constant desire, but these days I have far less time to satisfy my baking needs. So, on Tuesday evening, I carved out a bit of time after school and coupled the apples together with my baking needs and made apple sauce. The main reason for making apple sauce was so that I could then bake this recipe for Chocolate Courgette loaf / cake posted by the lovely Summer Harms last week.

So off I went on a hunt for an apple sauce recipe and found this one. It is so easy to make - you just pop everything in a pan and leave to simmer - there's even enough time for a run while the sauce is simmering away! Coming home to the smell of apples and cinnamon is quite simply, wonderful.

The brilliant thing is, you can make a batch of apple sauce for chocolate courgette cake, then put the rest in jars for presents! Oh how I love these jars....

Next up: How the chocolate courgette cake turned out.
If you're not completely converted on the concept of using vegetables in cake yet, I assure you, they totally work and you feel like eating cake is a good, healthy thing to do!

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