Thursday, November 04, 2010

the rugged cookie

A few weeks ago, John needed to do some baking to provide his colleagues with something scrumptious to celebrate his 2nd anniversary of working with the company. He decided on oat & raisin cookies and happened upon this recipe

I'd like to take some time to tell you about this cookie recipe which I would like to dub 'the rugged one'. 

I used to have a love-hate relationship with baking cookies and biscuits and was sure my solution would be to move to America where cookies were born, where I would be sure to find the secret to the perfect chewy cookie (because these are the best kind). The main problem? The cookie dough always spread over the entire surface area of the tray - having started out as nice neat little blobs of dough - as soon as the dough hit the heat it just went everywhere and I would end up with one giant weird cookie-biscuit that was too crispy around the edges and just didn't really taste right. I had problems, you see? Feel free to share if you've experienced anything similar. I will fully empathize with you, I promise.

My problem was solved, not by a trip to the States, but by the discovery of using condensed milk in cookies. Oh my, how good cookies can be with a healthy serving of condensed milk. However, the only condensed milk recipes I found had some form of chocolate in. This is definitely not a problem as I am a lover of all things chocolate, but when one fancies some oaty goodness, condensed milk is perhaps not the best solution.

So, when John found this recipe, and I smelt the wonderful aroma of oats & cinnamon wafting from our oven, I knew I had to try these babies for myself. So I did. If you follow the recipe from the link, it will yield about 30 odd cookies - I can't remember precisely - but it was a lot. I froze over half the batch because we couldn't eat them fast enough. I made them nearly a month ago and we still have some of the frozen batch left. Now that's what I call a good yield.

Of course, John added his own John Twist when he baked these cookies. Rather than making individual cookies, he made two giant cookies that took up the whole surface area of one baking tray each. I love his style.

If you have some oats, sugar, butter, raisins and spices in your cupboard, I highly recommend you put them to good use and make these cookies. Happy Baking!

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Ros De Silva said...

Haven't made them yet, but another way to get chewy cookies is loads of sugar. But condensed milk sounds good. Messy. But good. I'll try it. One day.