Friday, November 26, 2010


Quite unbelievably, for the last 4 hours, snow has gently been falling from the skies, lightly peppering the land in the south west with its beauty. Even though I know it will probably be gone after one sleep, I am still loving it and feeling like I'm in Narnia as I walk under street lamps with my head tilted skywards, feeling the weight of the tiny flakes on my eyelashes.

I'll be spending my weekend writing an assignment and perusing the Christmas treats on offer at Christmas at the Orangery. I've wanted to go to this Christmas market for the last few years, so I am very excited about going this year. The snow has made me feel like I really need to start getting ready for Christmas and I think I might start by making a list of all of the tasty festive treats I'd like to bake. If there's anything you'd like to see me baking, please do tell in the comments section - I always love getting new baking inspiration!

Happy weekend! And wishing any Americans who might be reading this a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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