Monday, February 28, 2011


On Friday we had the pleasure of seeing John's parents for the evening. They had come to Bath for a few days, and invited us to dine with them. Sara, John's Mum, bought me an enormous bouquet of flowers - a mixture of gerbera, lisianthus, tulips, iris' and another flower that I have yet to identify. Sadly, I haven't succeeded in taking any photos of the flowers that I have been happy with, apart from these two. 

I love Iris'. They're not my favourite flower, but they remind me of two people that I love, and I like being reminded of people who I don't get to see very often. The first is my Granny. She's called Iris. I love that she was named after a flower, as were two of her sisters - Lily and Violet. Come to think of it, my Great Grandma was named after a flower too - she was called Daisy & lived til she was 108. What a brilliant woman she was. I still remember going to her house when I was very little and playing with a wooden Noah's ark & animals. 

I'm also reminded of my friend Katie when I look at Iris'. Katie was one of my housemates during university and she is now working hard as a doctor. Iris' are her absolute favourite flower and I never tired of listening to her talk about how beautiful she thought they were. I love how we connect memories and people with different sights, sounds and smells, that you can be anywhere in the world, but scent of a perfume, or the aroma of a certain food will bring memories flooding back.

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Ben said...

The one on the right is my favourite and I love that your great granny lived to 108 - she is amazing! I heard somewhere that smell is the most evocative sense, but I think its pretty tricky to put them in a hierarchy.