Thursday, March 10, 2011

dreaming in paragraphs

The recollection of the previous night's dream came to me as soon as my head touched the pillow last night. Dreaming in paragraphs. The images of my dreams had been screenshots of my personal statement. The words I write must fit onto two pieces of A4 paper, Arial size 12. No more, no less. As I dream, I'm fitting my words together in neat paragraph patterns in my unconscious, completing what I was unable to during the day before wake gave way to sleep, trying to articulate why I am suitable for this teaching position.

As I remember my dreams, a feint feeling of surprise comes over me. I had this feeling in another dream last night, after I had finished dreaming in paragraphs. What had happened that was surprising? ...Oh yes. The royal wedding. Except the focus wasn't on William & Kate. It was Harry & Chelsea. They had announced that they too would be wed on the same day as William & Kate. A surprise royal wedding. Wow. No-one saw that one coming, because it was only in my dream!

Sleep welcomes me with open arms & I wonder at what I might dream tonight. More job applications, or the sequel to the royal wedding announcement? 

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Ben said...

! I was going to text you last night about how you were dreaming - how weird does that sound?! Anyway I decided I would see you Sunday so may aswell just ask you then!