Wednesday, March 30, 2011

on fonts and fabrics

Today the new edition of delicious landed on our doorstep - the joy of monthly subscriptions. Anyway, as with most magazines, there is always a nice little pile of adverts inside the magazine. Normally, they make a speedy trip to the recycling bin. But today, one of the ads caught my eye - not because it looked like something I'd like to buy, but because it looked hand written, and lovingly crafted. Although I know that the font was probably a handwriting computer font, I like to think that someone, somewhere in a little stone house in Italy lovingly wrote this advert in their best cursive script before re-printing hundreds of copies to advertise their little business on an international scale...Then there's the tiny little illustrations, adding even more character to the already creative advertising concept, consisting of a postcard that looked like a party invite, and a self addressed return envelope. I love all of these little details.

Other things catching my eye at the moment are reams of fabrics, waiting to be cut & sewn into beautiful things. At the weekend I was visiting my parents & popped into town with my Mum. I love that about the small seaside town where I grew up - that it's so small that you can just take a little stroll down the road, and in 10 minutes you're in town. We paid a visit to the lovely little shop called Through the Loop, where I picked out some lovely colours & patterns. It was so hard to choose just a few, but here's the selection that came home with me.

I love fabric.


Ben said...

Fabric is totally rad. I was thinking of getting some as backgrounds in portrait shots though if yours is just sitting waiting to be sewn...

Tim & Becky said...

As a shameless lover of everything written I pronounce that this is in fact handwritten and not a computer type!