Tuesday, April 05, 2011

april showers

True to the old saying about April Showers, that is exactly what April has brought us. In fact, I am sure that things have got colder around here since April arrived. I am working at home today, and have been hugging endless mugs of hot water or coffee to warm me from my head to my toes. Except, my head and my toes are still cold, and I have not yet found a solution. The end of March had fooled me into thinking I could go without my slipper socks, and that bare arms were an option. April has told me otherwise. Still, I have faith that things will change soon.

At the start of March, I made this little list, of a few things I was anticipating the month would bring. Here's a little review of where it's at.

1) a completed essay done, and passed at Masters level a wonderful feeling of achievement.
2) a trip to Devon John enjoyed it so much there that we're going back over Easter
3) a new camera lens {maybe, just maybe} I'm nearly but not quite there yet with this one. struggling to justify the quantity of money against my skill as a photographer
4) a birthday of my husband never any question of this not happening!
5) a little bit more warmth hmmm...yes and no
6) time with friends treasured time with friends and family, making it a bonus
7) a trip to China for my husband {time will tell.} time has told us, and John will be there next week
8) a little bit more fitness  been to the gym twice a week for 6 weeks & counting
9) at least one job application  {eek.} yep.
10) an English test. {eek.} passed with 89%
It's a nice feeling to see a line through most of those items, especially the ones which required hard work on my part. I can't quite believe we're a quarter of the way through the year already! How time flies. Here's to hoping that this month might be even more eventful & productive than the last.


Simply H said...

Hi Hannah, thanks so much for your lovely kind words on my blog. I am gobsmacked and thrilled to think I acutally inspire you!! Thanks so much, you made my day. I'm a self taught sewer, and can recommend lots of books that helped me learn to sew if you are interested. It's funny as I was just looking at your blog today via Vicki's, the post you wrote about your mum was just beautiful and actually nearly made me cry! xx
Ps Wow, my free fabric was even more of a bargain then!

Ben said...

Quarter of the YEAR?!? are you KIDDING ME!? there is simply no way that time passes that quickly, funny how your perception changes with your age! Anywhoo big WELL DONE on the completion of nearly all your list. Have fun in the Blogosphere for the next two weeks - I'm off to Texas so probably wont be posting. Peace

Andrew and Hannah said...

Not only did you complete a job application Mrs King; YOU GOT THE JOB! Everyone should know how happy I am for you and how much you deserve getting the job! xx

Anonymous said...

I LOVE lists! Congrats on completion (near) and the new job! Thanks for believing I wont become a bridezilla, I hope you're right . . . he he