Friday, June 24, 2011

Goodbye, Bath Spa

Today marked the official end of my PGCE. I have now passed the tests, written the essays and ticked all of the profile characteristics which allow me to become a Primary School Teacher.

Whenever major seasons in life come to an end, it always takes a little while for it to settle in. I have not yet got my head around that I will not be going back to the beautiful Bath Spa University, or that for the next couple of months, my time is completely my own. Relaxing feels like a funny thing to do because for the last 10 months, there has always been more work to do.

On my last trip to university today, I relished all of the sights and sounds of summer in the Bath countryside. I have loved going to a university that is in the middle of working farmland, has stables (though sadly, no horses) and a mini castle with a beautiful courtyard, full of bees buzzing around.

 beautiful Bath stone
 if I was a bee, I would definitely be visiting these pretties
 there's something about spherical flora that I adore

soft focus

I have already started dreaming in my sleep of the things I will do with my summer holidays, like finding fabric at bargain prices and sewing up a storm, and bake bake baking. I'll be sharing my summer adventures in this little space, so hopefully you'll come along for the ride.

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