Friday, June 03, 2011

sun + strawberries

Are you wondering how to fill your home with the wonderful scent of a British Summer?

Well, wonder no more my friends, I have just the thing!

Last week, I stumbled upon this lovely little glass pot. I saw the strawberries on the front & strawberry compote is what came to mind.

Well, I couldn't resist this pot & the summery sound of strawberry compote which it seemed to be singing to me.

So home I came with the little glass pot & all week long I have dreamt of filling it with a delicious strawberry treat.

As I write this, my kitchen is filled with the mouth watering scent of strawberries simmering gently with fresh orange zest & juice, and a dash of champagne. I can hardly contain my excitement!

I love that this recipe requires a meagre 50ml of champagne. Who has champagne lying around their house? We do!! To be honest, you wanted to make this and don't have any champagne, it would probably be fine without.

Strawberry Compote
100g strawberries
1 tsp caster sugar
1.5 tsp vanilla extract
zest & juice of half an orange
50ml champagne 
chop up the strawberries and place in a gently heated frying pan with the orange juice & zest, vanilla & sugar. 
Warm through then add the champage & simmer until liquid has reduced & a thick sauce has formed.

{I doubled this quantity and it made about 80ml of compote.}

Enjoy with pancakes, or yoghurt, or ice cream, or anything else that takes your fancy! 

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