Thursday, July 14, 2011

Since finishing my PGCE I have filled my days with plenty of sewing, baking and visiting friends, but for the last couple of days, I have got a little restless. Now, I know that I really shouldn't complain about having time off work, because most of us would jump at the chance of having the lengthy holidays that teachers are blessed with. But that's just how I woke up feeling this morning. The house has been especially quiet over the last week and a half, because John is in China, so this only serves to heighten my need to see people.

So it was a great delight when my good friend Ros phoned yesterday morning & asked 'what are you doing right now?'  

As it happened, right at that moment, I was hopping back down the stairs to pick up my laundry basket & its contents which had overturned in my hurry to get back up the stairs to my ringing phone. At that moment in time, Ros & her eldest son were in their car, loaded up with bikes and ready to come and collect me to join them on their bike ride adventure, should I so wish. 

Ros knows me well enough to know that with lots of time on my hands & without John, I would be bored, and in all likelihood, available for a 3 hour bike ride, which I was most certainly was. It was the perfect solution to my restlessness.

Friends + Fresh air + Fields + Bikes = A Beautiful Combination

A very blue, shimmery gorilla - part of the Wow! Gorillas public art event happening in Bristol this Summer to celebrate 175 years of Bristol zoo. All over the city there are 60 gorillas, each decorated by different artists in their own unique way.

Ros didn't want to leave any details out from this picture to give you a full view of our resting place - the Bristol channel in the background sans water - the tide was out - and my bike & baggage in the foreground, proff that we did indeed cycle the 7 miles to get to Pill.

I went home feeling invigorated & ready for an afternoon of housework & childminding. I thank God for wonderful friends & exercise.

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Ros De Silva said...

Just to say I found out that the 60th Gorilla is in Birmingham?? Don't know what that's all about! Bit too far to cycle though.. ;-)