Friday, July 29, 2011

wedding cake

On the first day of my PGCE last September, I had got up early, packed my bag with a fresh pad of paper & pens and my sat nav, and set off for Bath Spa with plenty of time to spare. Or so I thought. It was my first day and I was late. I hurried into the lecture theatre thinking, 'I am an adult now - I should know how to be on time for things! what a great way to start the course...'  

I was fifteen minutes late and knew that this meanut walking into a lecture theatre full of people I had never met before. I took a deep breath, walked in & hoped that I'd find a seat somewhere that wasn't right at the front. I found a seat in the middle of the 300 other fresh faced students, ready to begin our teacher training, and soon discovered that the girl sat next to me with the leopard print pumps & pretty tattoo on her foot was called Amy, and she would become a good friend over the next year. 

I remember a lot of our first conversations in getting to know each other being about weddings. I had just got married & Amy was hoping to get engaged during the year, so was excited to hear about our wedding & how long (or perhaps short is a better adjective) John & I were engaged for. Fast forward to March this year, and Amy came into uni with a great big diamond on her ring finger, announcing her engagement. 

In four weeks time, Amy & Matt will be getting married, and I have the pleasure of making their wedding cake. So, this week I made a trial cake for them. Here are a few glimpses...

Bottom layer: Rich, incredibly moist chocolate cake (secret ingredient: lots of water)
Top layer: Vanilla sponge
Sandwiched together with dark chocolate ganache (recipe used in last post)
Cake cloaked in white chocolate ganache
Decorated with white chocolate cigarollos
Topped with British strawberries dipped in milk chocolate

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Simply H said...

Looks amazing, I bet they will love it!