Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a little note

Hello, friends! 

We are going to be without internet in our little home over the next week, so I have scheduled in a few posts, filling you in on all of the behind the scenes details of making Amy's wedding cake. 

I don't know how many of you are interested in all of the details - recording the process is as much for my own record & reference as it is for your interest. If these posts are not of great interest to you, I apologise, and I'll be back soon with other posts that aren't food related. I am aware that sometimes it might feel a bit like a food blog around here, which doesn't appeal to everyone, but I can't help blogging about my baking adventures, as this is what I spend a significant amount of my time doing!

As you read my scheduled posts, I will be settling in to my brand new job of being a primary school teacher! I am excited about the adventures & learning that will take place as I try my very best at being a real teacher.

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Ben said...

Haven't popped in in a long old while - looks like the baking is really taking off! hope your new job is going well will catch up on Sunday :)