Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scotland: the flora

It seemed that everywhere we went in Scotland, we saw Rose Bay Willow Herb. I don't remember ever seeing these flowers before, and was glad to have my in-laws there to find out the name of the pretty pink plants I kept seeing. I loved their shape, their colour, their great height - basically everything about them. These photos don't really do justice to their beauty.

There's something wonderfully endearing about these black, furry seed pods & the way you can see the shape of the seed through the pod.

Quite simply, beauty-full.

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Joanna Lunn said...

There are about a million rose bay willow herb plants behind my house. In Autumn the washing goes white with the seeds, being the kind which grow fluff and blow everywhere. They grow in the garden like weeds, so I'm always pulling them up. But they arevery colourful at this time of year! I'll try to put a picture of ours on facebook.