Saturday, September 10, 2011

come on over

Hello friends,

Sorry for my absence this week. It's been a busy one where I've been trying to play the game of being a proper, professional teacher as best as I can. It's been fun & surprisingly tiring. I've wandered around my classroom many times, talking to myself in an attempt to try & stay sane. (is that a contradiction in terms?!) 

There have been lists galore flying around - lists of children, lists of parents, lists of things we need & of jobs still to do. My head is full but my heart is happy. I love my school.
In other news, for a very long time, I've wanted to make some changes to my blog, and it has taken me an equally long time to do something about this. Well, I finally have, and while the changes might look small, I am pleased that I have finally made the little changes, and hope that there will be some more to come over the coming months.

One of the major changes is that I have a new blog address! If you follow my blog in google reader, please update the details for my blog, as I will no longer be posting in this little space.

So, please, come on over to my new blog (it will still feel oh so familiar) and let me introduce you to the little changes I have made.

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