Wednesday, April 12, 2006

eggs and eyes

Today I have been doing lots of organizing and planning for my church easter egg hunt - we're expecting around 150 people, which is very exciting. One of the things the children have to do on the hunt is collect 5 egg shaped medals with the letters 'J-e-s-u-s' on them. I'm sure all of you can do the maths, but if we're catering for 90 children, that means we have 350 cardboard laminated eggs on our hands. Love it.

We're not so mean as to only have cardboard eggs though - every child gets a whole easter egg each, and has the fun of hunting for mini chocolate eggs in two different locations - I want to be doing the hunt, not instructing people!!!

For those of you who know and are still interested, I went to the eye hospital again yesterday, and saw another new person, who was an incredibly lovely, helpful and caring lady, which was an answer to prayer. She did the same tests on my eyes that have been done before, just to see if the problem is still the same, and much to her surprise, they weren't! She thinks that the problem might be resolving itself, and that I don't need bi-focals, which is nice to know. I also finally saw the surgeon yesterday, and he seemed to agree with her, which was cool. For the first time since I've been going to the eye hospital, I came away feeling really positive about it all. Amen.

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Pterelaos said...

Hi Han.
By the way this is ben, excuse the random name, I have only just created this account and couldn't think up an interesting one and all my usual names were taken, so I picked a random one, it actually seems quite fitting (Pterelaos)
The egg hunt sounds crazy, oh and btw yes we can do the maths but I don't think you can (90*5=450).
hmmm, I'm sure I had a good reason for posting this comment, but with all the effort it took to setup an account / check I didn't actually have one already I have completely forgotten what it was, ah well ho hum...