Monday, April 10, 2006

A lovely weekend

This weekend I went to Stoke-on-Trent for a very good friends' 21st surprise party. It was an amazing weekend in many ways. On Sunday we went out for the poshest lunch I have ever had an amazing place called Goldstone Hall, which was in the middle of the countryside. While we waited to be taken to our table, we sat in big old comfy
armchairs around a fire. After we'd had an amazing 3 course meal, we retired to the comfy chairs for coffee and petit fours (sorry if that's spelt incorrectly).

Having spent a week largely in my own company, it was incredibly refreshing to be surrounded by normal people and have conversations about things other than what was going round my head. I think being on my own for a bit has really helped me appreciate just how precious and amazing it is to be in the company of good friends.

It was also an amazing weekend in that it was one where God answered a few of the things that have been on my mind lately and gave me peace about other things, truly reminding me what it means to find rest in Him. There is such freedom and release when we stop trying to hold things ourselves and really let God be in control.

This evening, I've been to Asda to buy 96 easter eggs for the church easter egg hunt on friday. I got chatting to a lovely old man who worked there, who told me all about his dog who he loves to pieces and is hoping to enter into Crufts next year. He gets up at 5am every morning to take his dog for a walk, then works three jobs before going home to his wife and walking his dog again. Quality man.

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