Thursday, May 04, 2006

it's been a while

I've been a bit slack at blogging lately - not for lack of want, but busyness. It seems I'm gradually getting better at being disciplined with my work in that I haven't been as tempted to check everyone's blogs and update my own before studying, which I think is quite a valid reason for not having blogged as much over the last couple of weeks!

This is going to have to be brief as my eyes are starting to go awol. They've been well behaved recently, but as I'm spending a lot of my time with my head in a book or writing an essay, I think they're feeling the strain.

I had quite a busy weekend, with our kids cell discipleship group on Friday evening, which was quality. Such a great bunch of kids. This was followed by a lovely meal with some lovely friends, with the most ridiculous number of desserts. It seemed that all 10 people coming had been asked to bring something, but hey, it was good to have lots of choice!

On Saturday, I had the second of three training days in prophecy, which was very challenging but very good with a lot of exciting prophetic words coming out of it. In the evening, our flat, which is getting a bit of a reputation for being a party house, hosted a cheese and wine evening, which was lovely. It sounds classy, I know, but of course, we had to have some fun games like the cracker challenge - eating 3 crackers in one minute, and the downing water competition. I missed out on the last one, as I had been sensible and gone to bed early, but was woken to what sounded like the flat falling down, but was actully just a lot of draw slamming and bedroom ramsacking at 2am.

On Sunday evening, I provided the childcare at a wedding - looking after 22 children and a baby with the help of one of my flatmates. Was a little crazy at times, but the decorating biscuits with as much coloured icing and silver balls as possible kept them occupied for a surprisingly long time!

On Monday I had play training - yes folks, it is possible to get a qualification in 'play', and I'm going to have it!! As it was a bank holiday, we couldn't use the uni buildings, so went to an AMAZING place called the Children's Scrapstore. Oh wow - I actually can't remember the last time I got so excited - before my eyes was a big warehouse with art and craft resources of all varieties. I could have got the resources for every single creative idea I have ever had there. And what's even better is that you pay a fiver and get to fill a WHOLE massive shopping trolley with whatever you want!!! Now I just need to find a willing driver so I can indulge in this adventure!!! So exciting!

On Monday I had childminding, and Madeleine had learnt the actions to Incy-wincy-spider and the wheels on the bus, which is very cool. I'm trying to teach her how to say my name, but when I asked her if she could say 'Hannah' she just grinned and pointed at me. She won't even try! I reckon she can say it but she knows that I want her to, and so is pretending she can't.

I'd better leave it there as I had intended to keep it short, and I need to go to a lecture soon. ttfn.

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