Tuesday, June 06, 2006

four down, one to go...

I'm 11 hours and 14 essays into my exams, with one 3 hour paper consisting of 4 essays left - this time tomorrow I will have finished my second year exams. Woopwoop!!

Revision this year has actually been quite an enjoyable experience - our dining table has become our revision area, with three of us revising around it for approximately 8 - 10 hours a day, although this has been interspersed with library sessions at the medics library. I find it fascinating thinking that I am sitting amongst the future doctors of this country. Very cool. Meals are being eaten off the floor - obviously not quite that literally, and we have found that our ability to construct real sentences that actually make sense has somewhat diminished as a result of the lack of talking and immense amount of knowledge-absorbing that's been going on. It's all good fun, this exam business.

I had some quality time with Madeleine yesterday, playing with stones and petals in the garden, and trying to eat suncream. She's going through the stage where she confuses her 'yes' with 'no', or has learned deception 2 and a half years early, pointing to her nappy and saying 'Poo, no', when asked if she's done a poo. You gotta love it.

I've got some lentil soup on the stove which I think is ready to serve, so better go and attend to it....

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