Wednesday, November 08, 2006

...finding peace in the midst of madness...

The manicness of final year has most defiinitely struck home over the last couple of weeks. But, as always, God is incredible, and although I am incredibly aware of the huge amounts of work that have to be done, I have an amazing peace about it all, and know that it will all get done. It's looking like as from March 25th, I am going to have a whole lot of time on my hands, as I will have done all of my essays for the year, and handed in my dissertation, and will only have one unit left to do. Which means that easter is going to be amazingly relaxing!! The only thing that might change this is if they decide to be a little bit kind and extend our deadlines. So, if anyone would like to come and visit me in the wonderful Bristol, or would like me to come and visit, then please do not hesitate in letting me know.

I'm having fun researching different arts and health projects for my dissertation - there's some amazingly exciting and interesting things going on in the arts and health world, and I'm looking forward to learning more and more, and being thoroughly inspired.

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