Wednesday, November 15, 2006

right about now...

For much of today, I have just had my trusty laptop to keep me company, and have been type-typing away in between bouts of reading for my dissertation, which is now in full swing. The picture to your left is of me in the warmest jumper in the world - it adds approximately 2 stone to my appearance, perhaps the quickest weight gain you will ever witness, at the end of a day of dissertation ramblings and modelling. That's right folks - modelling. Not quite as exciting as it may sound - I had my photo taken for the 2008 Bristol perspectus.

So, when you look through uni prospectuses and wonder if the person laughing away like they really are having a ball is real, I can assure you that at Bristol, this is the case! How funny. They even want to quote me in the prospectus!

(Sorry for the lack of photo - I removed it upon discovering that it wasn't possible to see my face!)

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Jo B said...

Hi Hannah, Hope you are well, people are coming round to mine to celebrate Christmas together on the 28th December if you are free. I am going to cook something for a late lunch (about 3ish) and asking people to bring something for an evening tes (I hear your brownies/flapjacks are good!!) Let me know if you can come! Jo B
(don't actually use the blog I have put in, it's just one so I can leave messages on blogger!)