Monday, November 20, 2006

learning to read

Learning to read is something that I learn about on my course, but in this context, I am actually referring to myself. With one of the essays I am writing at the moment, I seem to be incapable of reading an article from start to finish without veering off in different directions, all related to the essay, but it has left me feeling like I'm tying myself in knots.

Basically, I'm writing about policy drivers, funding and format of early years services in 3 OECD countries, and they all interlink with oneanother, which is great in some ways, but totally confusing in other ways. Ho hum...I'll get my head round it eventually!!

I had a quality weekend. Having looked after Madeleine all day Friday and taught her how to spread marmite on her sandwiches (pretty impressive skill for a 2 year old, I reckon), and listening in amazement to her telling me how the picture on her yoghurt pot was a raspberry, and how she eats raspberries off her fingers (which I have witnessed personally, just like in Amelie!!), I spent the rest of the weekend being more of a socialite than I have been in a long time! On Saturday night, my flatmates and I went to a 21st at Byzantium which was a most amazing venue, with beautiful food - perhaps the poshest meal I have ever had!!

This week I've been spending more quality time with kids - I had to do a couple of observations at a preschool for one of my unite. The kids were so cool - I loved watching the quirky things kids like to do - there was one boy who liked to suck his thumb whilst twiddling other children's hair, which was quite amusing - he seemed to prefer the girls' hair because it was longer than his, but they weren't always as compliant as he would have liked in order to satisfy his hair-twirling habits!!

On Tuesday eve, I looked after Madeleine, and we did lots of dancing together, which she loved and though was hilarious - by the time we had finished, she had mastered her own pirouetting technique, which was brilliant!

At the moment, I'm writing my report on my observations, but have already managed to go 300 words over the word count, and I'm not even a fifth of the way through!! Oopla.

Time to get back to work!! (If anyone would like to leave a comment for me to read when I take a break from writing, that would be very lovely.)

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kate said...

hey i'm leaving you a message!!!! i am very much looking forward to seeing you at xmas yes indeed. the thought of being in the warmth with people you love is some what of a comfort. love you and get back to work !!!!