Wednesday, November 29, 2006

the adventures of hattie

Today on my trip to the supermarket to get dinner, I came across this poor stray hat - she had been abandoned by some heartless smoothie drinker who had decided that it was fine for hattie to be separated from her mango smoothie. Yes folks, this is the new phenomenon at my local supermarket - dressing smoothie bottles in hats. So, being the kind-hearted person that I am, I took hattie under my wing and brought her to a nice warm home, out of the cold of the refridgerator to a new life at number 9. As you can see, she quickly befriended one of my eggs. You see, we are trying to wean her away from her refridgerated existence, but she had some difficulty when I opened the fridge and spotted the eggs, happily residing there. So in an effort to help her adjust, we allowed one of the eggs to have some time out from the fridge - after all, eggs are best cooked at room temperature, as they are not too fond of the cold either, so I was actually doing both the egg and hattie a favour.

Mr. egg is not the only friend hattie has managed to make. In the short time she has lived here, she has also found another human companion in the form of one of my housemate, Sarah. Sarah was equally as excited as hattie was at their new found friendship.
However, the fun with sarah was short lived - as soon as hattie spotted the family of leaves that currently reside on our wall, she wanted to join their party - they were very compliant, as you can see from the picture below. Let me take a minute to share with you the story of the family of leaves. One might be inclined to think that leaves actually like to drop off trees in Autumn, judging by the carpet of leaves that frequent pavements across England during this season. However, there are some who prefer the warmth and don't want summer to end, so although they follow the lead of their fellow leaves in that they have changed colour (although having said that, there are a few rebels among the ranks who have insisted on staying a shade of green), they are not content with being trodden into mush. So I kindly rescued one small family of leaves, and they now live on our wall - they're by the bright lamp that lights our room, so they kind of think it's summer, but aren't comletely fooled.

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